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Are you playing poker online against humans or programs? Play a real game at IDN Poker!

There are innumerable online casinos operating in different parts of the world. Some have a global presence, with the exception of few countries that stringently censor the internet. A few networks operate in certain regions of the world. IDN Poker is a network of sites. It was predominantly available only in Southeast Asian countries but has recently opened its platforms for players from all around the world. Networks like IDN Poker offer a much more practical experience of the game. This is primarily because it does not have one problem that is very common among online poker sites.

Online casinos do not always enable someone to play with fellow humans. If there is no one available or if the site basically hosts multiple players representing the system then the whole experience is different. Poker is supposed to be played by multiple people sharing a table. There is a dealer, which can be a program. But the other players should not be driven by programs. When there is only one real player, a human, and the other players are programs, the whole process becomes automated and there is no organic element in it apart from the only actual user at the table. This eliminates the varying wait times and all the human contemplations that every poker player has to endure in every round.

One of the basic ways to determine the strength or weakness of a particular hand is to assess how a player bets. Those who are truly confident of their hand being a winning combination will take much less time to call, bet, raise or check. There can be bluffing but an experienced player can always tell. If all the other players take the same amount of time to bet then a user cannot distinguish among them. All their hands are then effectively be assessed as the same. Some may fold, some may bet, some may check and some may raise but the absence of time difference can ruin the game.

IDN Poker network facilitates real players to get together. There are virtual rooms and digital tables but the participating players are humans. There are tables of five, eight and other numbers. Players can choose a suitable room, a table they like and a particular version of poker they prefer. The wait times are different. Only the dealer or the dealing of the cards is powered by a program. Everything else is organic. This makes IDN Poker the real deal.

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