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The stats claim that lintastoto winners usually choose the same places for spending their jackpots. Get some offers for a country to have the time of your life in case you become the next winner!

We’ve heard that in Asia there are plenty of websites that offer amazing lottery games. Online platforms like tend to provide quick registration process and even a quicker gameplay procedure of different lottery types. By the way, don’t expect to come only upon traditional lotteries here. Asian providers are very generous as they are ready to list in their portfolios both: common lottery types and exotic alternatives you might have never heard about. Gambling providers like lintastoto, though, are also very generous when it comes to jackpots. According to the statistics, Asian websites with casino and lottery games are about to get close to European competitors if comparing their total amounts of given prizes.

What would you personally do in case of a big lottery win? There’s some other statistical belief. According to the stats, most of the lottery winners simply spend the money to… go somewhere! Some of the happy customers go on a long and nice vacation, while others are even motivated to move abroad to spend their next years in wealth.

Taking a close look at these winners’ new lifestyles we have noticed that most of them preferred them same places for moving to or at least spend a big vacation mode. As a result of our detailed research we have concluded that these are the most amazing places most lottery winners head to:

  • An exotic island. Recently, a lintastoto winner has shown in his social network account a beautiful set of pictures from a place we actually cannot name. Because this same happy guy just like many other gambling winners prefer to retire on an unknown island.
  • Italy. Believe it or not Italy has been still the most preferred country for relocation. With its beautiful culture, tasty cuisine and wonderful spots to visit, this piece of paradise on the Earth is a favorite choice for many lottery winners, too. The good news is that is accessible from Italy, as well.
  • Costa Rica. As long as the good weather is the main factor for relocation choice, this country is on top of all charts. Lottery winners might not be so many in this Costa Rica, but we know about lots of poker pros who have come to live here permanently.

What about you? Where would you go if you win from an online lottery game today? Or you will simply prefer to remain where you are as nothing feels like home. In all cases, a lottery jackpot is worth it to be spent on a lovely place, no doubts.

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