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If you want to make your live casino experience anonymous there are several ways to do so. See our tips on how to erase most of your sensitive data from the internet while gambling.

There’s one thing that usually bothers players in the internet when they play real money games. It’s the safety and mainly the desire to stay anonymous. Usually, this desire is due to the people’s wish to be protected and to secure their personal data and money.

But is it indeed possible to remain as anonymous as possible while playing online and live casino games? As a matter of fact it is. And today, we will give you some hints to make a huge step into the gambling anonymity:

  1. Spoof your IP Address. The easiest – and what is more important the legal – way to do so is by using VPN. This is how no hacker will know where you are based and where you are located. Actually, this is also another way to enter a casino which is forbidden in your country due to restrictions. Such restrictions are set because of the operator’s lack of safety, but because it just doesn’t own a license to operate in your regional zone.
  2. Choose cryptocurrencies as your main payment methods and as your constant playing currency. Cryptocurrencies are made exactly for this purpose – to keep you anonymous while you play, pay or do many things in internet that involve money. Gambling with cryptocurrencies have become so popular these days that many new operators appeared on the market with this only goal – to become to first fully cryptocurrency oriented casino platforms. And gamblers indeed love them a lot.
  3. Make sure to install live casino apps only through reliable sources. Just don’t mistake the obligation you have to set your setting to enable the download from unknown sources with a risk of being in a non-reliable place. When the app is uploaded on the operator’s official website it is a reliable place. It is just Google doesn’t allow gambling apps to be uploaded on its platform.
  4. Avoid payments with debit or credit cards. It is safer to open an account in any of today’s traditional e-wallets. They use special systems to protect both – your money and your personal data. By exposing your debit and credit card information directly to the hackers you don’t do absolutely anything to protect your safety and your anonymity.
  5. Always clean your tracks. Or at least do it on a regular basis. It is better to do so once you check out the tracks because in these tracks you will discover important information about your gambling activity such as mistakes and good strategies. When you use this resource you can improve your activity quite fast, which is the best way to progress in live casino gambling as a whole.

Stay anonymous and safe in online gambling market! Stay protected.

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