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Live casinos are gaining soaring popularity among players. Know the tech details behind these online casinos here.

Online casinos are regularly experimenting with the latest technology to enhance user experience. An integral part of these virtual casinos is live casinos. Here players can enjoy the thrill of gaming in real-life situations.

You see the dealer with their cards or the wheel in front of your screen. But, there are many technologies behind this exciting experience.

Video Streaming

The basic part of a live casino is pretty simple. The casino owners stream the video of the dealer to offer a real-life setting. Often the dealers or people acting as dealers are short in a studio. The studio is designed to mimic real-life casinos. The cameras are strategically placed in the studio room to offer a better video. Multiple cameras also offer laser views of the cards, the table, the wheels, and the live feed.


Live casinos like 11bola use advanced technologies to ensure the game is unbiased and thrilling. One of the main technologies used is the GCU or the Gaming Control Unit.

It is a medium-sized rectangular box to encode the video. GCU components are usually attached to the table or the wheel discreetly. It helps the dealer to operate the game and also keeps everything transparent.

The real-time data is usually loaded in the GCU and ensures the information remains distinct. Also, it bridges the gap between you and the live stream.

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is another advanced technology used in live casino streaming. It is usually embedded in the video stream. Moreover, the OCR offers digital recognition of the characters of a card or the wheel during the game.

It helps the casino dealer to understand your best and your hands. For example, the dealer will know your cards or your numbers for roulette.

Motion Sensor

Motion sensors are often used in wheel games like roulette. The motion sensor machine monitors the movement of the balls and the wheels very closely. Then, it reduces the winning numbers and uploads the accurate data on the server.

The motion sensors help to keep the game accurate during real-time streaming. Hence, players are able only to view the right and accurate results on their screen.


The monitor is also an integral part of the live casino streaming units. It displays the information from players. The dealer checks the updates of the players while operating the game. It helps to see who are online, their bets, and what cards or balls they have in hand. On the other hand, the monitor also allows the players and the dealers to chat live during gaming.


Despite being new, many live casinos are offering VR to enhance the user experience. The VR allows an immersive gameplay experience. It makes the player feel that they are inside a casino and are dealing face to face with the dealer.


Live casinos have allowed people to get real-life experience without venturing out. These live games use multiple technologies like OCR, GCU, motion sensors, etc. Moreover, advanced cameras ensure fair gameplay.

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